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Defy Genetics & Regrow Your Hair

Advances in hair restoration technology has made surgical solutions to hair loss faster, simpler, and more effective than ever imagined. NeoGraft’s innovative, minimally invasive hair transplant method has enhanced the entire restoration experience, from follicle removal, follicle preparation, and implantation to final, natural-looking results. Where you were once balding, you can now regrow your own hair!

Experience The Advantage

During NeoGraft, follicles are removed from the donor location using pneumatic pressure, also known as suction. Traditional methods utilized incisions and forceps to extract and implant follicles, potentially harming the follicles during handling. Pneumatic pressure, on the other hand, uses the “hands free” technique of follicle removal and implantation. The NeoGraft technique ensures that follicles are not damaged during any stage of the transplant process.

Once follicles are removed, they are prepared in a moist environment, unlike traditional techniques which require the use of microscopes. The heat of the microscope and handling of follicles during traditional methods could potentially harm the follicle, but NeoGraft avoids this risk by using the “hands free” method of follicle preparation. When follicles are prepared for implantation, reverse pneumatic pressure is used once again to carefully place individual follicles in the desired location. The precise placement of follicles is critical, especially at the hairline. NeoGraft’s advanced technology allows for increased precision during implantation, so you enjoy a natural-looking, shapely hairline as well as increased thickness and self-confidence.

NeoGraft will thicken hair volume on balding or thinning sections of scalp.
NeoGraft can reshape a receding hairline.
Natural-looking and permanent results are achieved with NeoGraft.
NeoGraft provides patients with a minimally-invasive hair restoration option.
Confidence and self-esteem can be increased after NeoGraft results become evident.

Hair Replacement Before And After

Men's Hair Loss Treatment Before And After

Male Hair Loss Treatment Before And After

How can I find out more about NeoGraft in NYC?

Dr. Elie Levine, Dr. Jody Levine, our technicians, and friendly staff will be happy to meet with you to discuss NeoGraft in our NYC office. Please call our office at 800.755.4247, or make an appointment online for a personal consultation.


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